Saturday, 17 May 2014

Stretton Aqueduct. Shropshire Union

 Another picture from just below Tyrley Locks.  Two "fishermen" made from the trunk of a tree.  Someone around here as a sense of humour.

We didn't go far today.  We are meeting up with Caroline and Ethan tomorrow in Brewood.

We moored up next to the boatyard and noticed a little butty called Montgomery but didn't twig it was the Jam Butty and we missed Andy where he came to pick it up.

The weather has been lovely, really hot and sunny.  Long may it last.

Another blokey card.  This one, maybe for the boy who has just passed his test, got a new car, or just started driving lessons.

I made a panel with yellow, corrugated card and wrapped some blue string around it and stuck it across a white card blank.  Then the boy panel was die cut and matted onto blue card (the right had side was cut off as the car finished there) and it was stuck onto the edge of the card.

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