Sunday, 18 May 2014

Hunters Bridge 7, Shropshire Union

We were moored up under the Bridge pub by 0930, on moorings with a large ledge under the water.  Too deep for the fenders to work and too wide for the "wheel" fenders to be of any use and a long way from the bank.  So every time a boat went past or we walked along the boat we got a bump and getting on and off the boat (with short fat legs) was a chore. But we didn't intend spending the night there.

Caroline arrived with Ethan at lunchtime and it was another pub lunch.  Lucky me. In the month since we last saw him he has learned to crawl and got 3 teeth! 

The village was a picture in the sunshine and I fell in love with this building.  Almost makes me want to move on land if I could have a place like this.

After the guests left we moved on to here where we are within a stone's throw of the Wolverhampton 21 tomorrow.

An atmospheric picture of the lock onto the River Douglas at Tarleton.  The colours really matched the paper which I tore into shape and stuck onto the left hand side of a white card blank.

The picture was then matted onto white card, edged with deckle scissors and then matted onto lilac and gold card.  A photo corner was fixed to the top right and corner and a photo hinge to the bottom left hand corner.

I have fond memories of the Lancaster Canal.  We must do it again some time.

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