Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Near Vanetian Marina, Middlewich Branch, Shropshire Union Canal

No, the boat is not sinking... They are doing something on the back end and have lifted it out of the water.  It was just a bit of a shock when you came around the corner and under the bridge at Barbridge Junction.

Such a lovely day, warm sunshine with just a little cold wind.

We caught the bus into Nantwich to do some shopping and a lovely tea and scone, then it was back to the boat and just a short cruise to get here.

I love the Middlewich Canal.  Beautiful views and lots and lots of easy mooring spots.  And, even better, even though we are out in the country the Internet seems to work too.

Some more of my cards which can be used for most occasions and in any colourway.

These have embossed flowers with gems in the centres, co-ordinating patterned trip and ribbon and a butterfly.

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