Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Barbridge Junction, Shropshire Union

 I've been saving these two photos for a week or two.  When we moved morings the sattelite dish would not work as there was a building in the way.  We then got a huge aerial thingie which kept blowing down, and then a smaller wing shaped thing, which would also blow down in the wind.  Then David found this box thingy and had an idea for putting it on a pole which could be lowered when we were moving.

Neil the welder was tasked with finding the pole and eventually, months later, he found something and came and fixed it to the roof.  Richard then made the wiring fit through the old radio aerial (not shown).

The picture above shows the aerial down and this one in the up position.

We have now been out for over a week and can say that the aerial has been a great success.  We have not even bothered to use the satellite (which has become a bit flaky anyway).

Anyway, back to today.  Managed to get some washing done today, though not too successful.  Too many lines of moored boats and not enough electricity.

We were in Barbridge Junction by 0945 and went to catch the bus back into Nantwich.  The bus was late, the wind was cold and the bus to Chester arrived.  So we went to Chester.  Love Chester, unfortunately the second craft shop has gone too, but there is a lovely new Chocolate shop in the big hotel.

Back at the moorings I spent 3 hours trying to update the blog with the internet connection going on and off every couple of minutes.

Fred Basset on the towpath.  I wrapped some green gingham ribbon around a narrow piece of white card and stuck it to the left hand side of a white card blank.  The photograph was matted onto green card and stuck on the


Judith Emery said...

I have just caught up with your recent posts and feel I should comment about the trader you spoke to about Audlem. The problem was caused by the trader flouting their trading licence rules by screwing a sign to the C&RT railings outside the Shroppie Fly and taking exception when it was taken down. Do you not think it would have been prudent to check with the other parties involved before condeming them so publically in your blog. I have until now enjoyed reading your blob up to now but I don't think I'll bother any more.

Brenda Scowcroft said...

I am sorry you did not like my comments, but I have heard lots of complaints from various traders who have had problems at Audlum over the years, this is just the last one that I have heard of, and I happened to arrive in Audlum that day. I seem to remember, some time ago, even the local Council were complaining about traders. I think Audlum is a lovely little village, but if I don't feel welcome, I will move on and spend my money elsewhere.