Sunday, 6 April 2014

Audlum, Shropshire Union Canal

Nice to be back in the land of the Internet, though it’s a bit flaky.  There was a message on the Roving Canal Traders Facebook page regarding intimidation by the local businesses here, to a trader.   So we boycotted the Shroppie Fly and the Mill.  Managed to follow a boat down 11 of the locks and moored up behind John Jackson in the long pound.  So we took this opportunity to buy a couple of bags of coal.  His boat was full of coal, and the Shroppy is shallow.  He got stuck and had to push the boat out.  Here he is trying to get the gang plank onto the boat so that he can get back on.

I have done a series of cards for sale on   This is one where you can chose your own sentiment and colour scheme.

It is a white 6x4" card with a white dry embossed panel matted onto blue card with a blue spotted ribbon tied around the bottom.  The sentiment is printed onto a die-cut oval and matted onto a blue scalloped oval.

The cards can be bought through Misi or direct from me here if you drop me a line.  You can pay by PayPal.

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