Thursday, 30 January 2014

Gas Street Moorings - BCN

 Yesterday the coal man came and delivered 40 bags of coal for us.  Delivered in the dark and in the rain.  Now there's dedication.

Today the boiler burst at the back of the Becton fire!  Lots of water, and as the fire was going, lots of hot coals too.

We just got it sorted and put the electric heater on and the first flake of snow landed on the window!!  Was there a better day so far this year for the heating to go off?

Richard was summoned from Sherborne Wharf and he helped David drain all the radiators so that we have a usable fire, just no hot radiators.  We will need a new boiler and all the piping checked before we can have a toasty warm boat again.

Another Valentine card with a chocolate heart.  I have already eaten all the spare ones.

This one is made up of two, white Cuttlebugged hearts matted onto red scalloped hearts and a red bow.

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