Saturday, 25 January 2014

Gas Street Moorings, BCN

 Just before Christmas there was lots of excitement when a boat that had been moored by Bobby Brown's was liberated overnight and ended up stuck between boats on the moorings. (The one with the red tarpaulin on the back.) No one seemed to be aboard and CRT would not let anyone move it until their operatives arrived.

The boat was eventually returned and moored back by Bobby Brown's and still there were no signs of life from inside the boat.  Was there a corpse inside?

Who knows, the boat dissapeared during the day, so I suppose we'll never know.

We went to the first Boaters' Meeting with CRT and Richard Parry.  Blimey, are things changing.  He actually stated that as we boaters had invested so much into the canals that we should have priority over other users!!!  Still, time will tell.

Getting close to Valentines Day.  I have uploaded this year's lot on the For Sale Page if you're interested.

This one has lots of red gems and hearts stuck into the embossed flowers and a chocolate heart in the middle of the big one.

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