Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Bad Leak, Leeds & Liverpool Canal

A day of leaks.

This one is a leak from the middle Greenbergerfield lock - the water was pouring down over the car park.

Diesel (83p ltr) and coal from the boatyard and then it was down the three locks.

We are no longer on top of the canal. The 4 odd miles on this pound follow the hills, winding around and back on itself with an embankment on one side. We soon noticed that about every 100 metres there was a temporary sign....

No wonder they had to close the canal last year because of lack of water.

A decoupaged flower fairy today.

A white card blank which has the left hand side covered in stripy paper. A pink ribbon is wrapped around the join and the fairy panel is fixed on the other side.

I saved the top bunch of daisies and stuck them in the bottom right hand corner.

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