Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Gas Street Basin

Granny Buttons here has written about this boat twice. I actually saw it today, though it wasn't there when I went past yesterday - or perhaps the camouflage really is working.

Can you see it?

No. Still can't see it.
Mike, who is driving the boat is so embarrassed that he stipulated he would only steer the boat if his photos were not used in the publicity. So they got someone else in to do it. So he's lost his chance of any fame this time.
There are still masses of boats around. So many, in fact, they are having to moor past all the official mooring places and are now on spikes past St Vincent's Bridge.

I have been trying to set up a slide show with all my Waterways cards which are for sale, but I haven't managed it yet. Flikr keeps telling me I don't have an account when I go through the slide programme. Very frustrating.
Finally, a decoupaged rose matted onto gold mirri card and a peel-off Happy Birthday.

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