Sunday, 2 August 2009

Gas Street Basin

I hope he is referring to owning the boat rather than his wife.

On Friday the engine was finally returned to its space, with new mountings and aligned properly with the prop, new cooling pipes were replaced and the other odd things that needed doing could wait. So we were off. David gets claustrophobic in boatyards and couldn't wait to get away - we didn't even wait for the bill, just left the credit card number.

Back in Birmingham it was more like Sydney. The city is full of cricket lovers come for the 3rd Ashes match. Consequently, because it rained all day yesterday, they had nowhere to go but to the pubs. At one point there were about 100 playing cricket by the lock using oranges for balls.

Today, all the moorings (except on the moorings in the Basin 'cos several boats are away for their holidays) are full to bursting. Usually Wednesday is the busiest night of the week when all the hire boats seem to get into Birmingham. But not tonight.

I spent most of the time at the boatyard making cards with canal scenes and managed to sell 20 to Sarah for resale through her shop. Result!

This card was made for Bruno, who is living on Calstock. It was for the 25th wedding anniversary of the owners.

This is a photo of a very colourful bow flare .

Still on the detail theme. The tiller end of a butty.

And finally, yet another gaily painted tiller arm.

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