Thursday, 16 July 2009

Wiggins Hill Bridge, Birmingham and Fazeley Canal

Yesterday, David was interviewed again by a local radio station. Don't ask which one, we've got a bit blaze with all this (local) fame. James wanted to know whether it would be better to be on a canal in Venice, or a canal in Birmingham. Now that was a no-brainer! I'd rather be in Venice - even if the locals don't want tourists.

We decided on a mini-cruise to meet up with Ed and Julia on Wildflower to discuss France. So we set off at 0530 this morning and had a great trip down the two flights of locks. We stated with clear blue skies and nearly all the locks for us.

I suffer from vertigo - so this picture was painful to take.

We came upon this lock on the Aston Flight. Where is Health and Safety? The new wooden bollard takes up 1/3 of the narrow walkway on the of-side of the lock and the ladder takes it all up. David had to squeeze past to get to the bottom gate.

There were only 2 boats on the Aston Flight and another at Milnworth bottom lock, but by then it was 10.30, and quite a few boats have gone past since. Birmingham was very busy last night with boats on all the available moorings.

Mooring up just after the winding hole at Milnworth, I was ready for a snooze - well it was 27 locks. Later in the afternoon we had a telephone call from a lady at the BBC who wants to film on a boat for a spin-off of the Antiques Road Show. (Not sure if she meant us or the boat as antique.) So, for the second time in 2 years we have come down these locks and almost immediately turned around and gone back again. We will get off the B&F at the northern end one of these days.

Yet another Birmingham City Fan. I made the backing paper on the computer and decoupaged the badge. Using the Bend It font I typed out the name and sentiments and matted everything onto silver and blue paper.


Anonymous said...

not Milnworth MINWORTH

Brenda Scowcroft said...

Jeff. Sorry about the spelling. Glad someone is reading the blog thoroughly to put me right.