Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Norwegian Cruise

We have just spent almost two weeks on a Norwegian cruise, sailing along the coadt up to the Russian border and then back down to Bergen.  Well, almost back to Bergen, but that s another story.

We had lots of sunshine and snow showers but the views from our cabin at the back of the ship were stupendous.

Then, we were just manouvering into port above the arctic circle, doing a sort of winding movement.  We were stood at the front of the boat in the saloon when I said to David that we were not going to make it.  (I've been stood on the front of our boat while doing that manouvre and I know when it's not going to work).

Anyway, the next thing, there is a crunch!

After about an hour of discussions etc we were all called into the cinema for a briefing and told that we would have to evacuate the ship to be taken by bus to the nearest airport and flown back to Bergen

In a way it wasn't such a bad plan, we got to see views that we would not have seen had be stayed on the boat.

And we got to do a smaller fiord cruise and a trip on the Flom Railway which was pretty spectacular.

So, I know it's not Christmas, but the scenery is similar.

This is a tri-shutter card and came as a kit, so all I had to do was stick the pieces in the right places.

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