Friday, 30 September 2016

The Anchor Inn, Shropshire Union Canal

Such a lovely sunny day for cruising.  David set off at 0715 while I lounged in bed with a cup of tea, getting up in time to do the Wheaton Aston lock.

We did a DIY pumpout at the service station and then travelled on through Norbury Junction to the Anchor Inn, travelling further than we had planned again.  In fact we are about a day ahead of ourselves already.  Considering we are supposed to be taking our time....

Still it is supposed to rain tomorrow.

Now for my new line.  Decorated candles.  This is a view of the box with the candle in it and the lid.  There is a window in the box so you can see the candle.

This is one view of the candle.  It is a photograph of The Packet House at Worsley, on the Bridgewater Canal.

And this is the centre of the picture, showing the Packet House.

The photograph is printed onto acetate and wrapped around the candle. 
It should be removed before lighting.

And this is the other third of the picture candle.

For the Box, I printed the same photograph onto the outside and made two windows which I covered with acetate, so the candle shows through.

I fitted the candle in the box so that the picture on the candle lines up with the one on the box, this window is also on the corner of the box, but that was a mistake.

And this is the third side of the box.  The back of the box has instructions etc.

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