Thursday, 2 April 2015

Heritage Marina - Macclesfield Canal

 Made it!!!  And boy, was it worth it.  It looks like a dolls house that has been built by a 6 year old.  It is quite top heavy and there are no foundations apart from a base of large slabs of stone.  There is also a moat all around it. All the rooms are on different levels and none are flat.

This is the inside courtyard bit, there are bits tacked on all over the place.  Lots of tiny pains of glass in the huge windows.  Simply charming.  I was smitten.
 And this is the front view.  Not a straight line in place.  Absolutely fabulous.

Being NT, we naturally stayed for lunch in the cafe and bought some jam from the shop. 

We ended up getting there and back by taxi.

Party Animal!  An Australian stamp, coloured in by me this time.  I matted it onto blue card and then on to some stripy foiled card which was then matted onto more blue card which I cut with decal edged scissors.  This then was fixed onto a white card blank.

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