Monday, 30 June 2014

Gas Street Basin, BCN

 Sorry!  I had every intention of keep up the blog once we got back to Birmingham, but with one thing and another (excuses, excuses!) the time just flew past.

It is difficult to keep up the momentum when we are in one place without gossiping about the neighbours, so I am going to sort of try to catch up where I left off from describing our first time out in the boat, and who knows, maybe the rest of them (it's been 15 years next week!).  So don't go away.

We have spent a lovely 5 days around the corner by Symphony Wharf getting ready for and participating in the Floating Market.  Unfortunately the weather was a bit iffy, and it rained for most of Saturday.  But I think everyone left happy.  Thanks to all who participated and those who worked so hard getting it organised.

Oh! nearly forgot!  We got a mention in this month's edition of the Wet Web in Towpath Talk.  Our edition arrived this morning.  Slightly makes up for not having Bilgepump any more.

This is a tissue box cover.  I had lots of fun with the Cuttlebug and punches.

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