Thursday, 8 May 2014

Coxhead Swing Bridge, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Noticed this boat on the way down.  Not too clear from the picture but it is called Koi Carpe Diem!

We had planned to share the locks with Periwinkle and set off with them behind, when a boat shot off like a cork out of a bottle and got to the lock first.

Of course, he was a single hander!  And one who was backward in coming forwards when helping out.  So, guess who did most of the work.

There were 5 boats coming out and we lost the last one after the Holmes Swing Bridge (the last one manned by CTR) then the 4th one stopped for lunch, so it was just the three boats going through the swing bridges of Maghull.  You guessed it, Gill and I did all the swing bridges – even those with the mechanisms on the towpath side.

David mutinied after 8 hours so we tied up on the off side bridge mooring of Coxhead’s Swing Bridge as it is permanently kept open now and waived the other two boats on in the rain.

I found a whole lot of injured animals somewhere when I first started making cards, but can I find them now.  They would be really useful, if I could find them.

I just cut out the dog and used sticky fixers to glue him to some red card and printed card with "get well soon" printed on it.  Then it was matted onto some blue card and stuck to a white card blank.

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