Sunday, 13 April 2014

Dutton Breach (2012) Near Bridge 212, Trent and Mersey

 We rounded the corner, and there was this lovely new mooring!  The site of the breech in 2012.  The view is terrific, but in a couple of years there will be a thick hedge to hide it a bit.  You can just see the lock on the River Weaver to the left and the railway viaduct in the centre.

The two tunnels held no gremlins, the first one was empty, so we sailed through and got to the second one dead on the hour so we could go straight through.  Last time we met three boats in Salterford and missed the time slot for Barnton.

I bought a bunch of "wooden" roses some time ago, well years actually.

I made this anniversary card with one by matting some silver card onto red glitter card and then red card which had been cut with scalloped scissors.  I stuck down the flower with glue dots and then made the sentiment with a peel-off matted onto silver and red card.  This was stuck over the end of the stalk to cover up the rough edges. 

I finished it off with a red heart gem.

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