Thursday, 3 April 2014

Black Flat Bridge No 47, Shropshire Union Canal

 Swans.  What a lovely sight.  We only get geese in Gas Street Basin and they seem to frighten away any swans that venture into their territory.

We got to Norbury Junction at 0900, just as the shop and chandlery were opening.  We bought a new chimney as the old one was looking a bit mankey and bashed and found someone who fixed our leaking U bend under the sink.  Fifteen minutes later we were on our way.  Great, prompt service!

 The weather has deteriorated and there is a cold wind.  So by 1130 we moored up for the rest of the day.  Out in the middle of nowhere and no Internet signal!!!

 We have a great "Rag" Market in Birmingham and there are a couple of Asian stalls selling ribbon and sparkly things.  I got this ribbon there.  It has lots of sequins and beads sewn in.  It is a beast to fix though.

The card blank was black and I made a white panel which was embossed using the Cuttlebug.  I wrapped the ribbon around the white panel using lots of double sided tape on the back to keep it glued down.  Then I added the shiny black and silver sentiment and a paper rose.

Because the rose made the card too thick for an envelope, I made a black box with a red lid for the card to go into.

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