Saturday, 16 March 2013

Ansty, North Oxford Canal

No pics today - the weather has been wet (as usual these days).  The towpaths are like sponges, or just plain quagmires.

We got here in three stints.  First to Rugby, for shopping in Tesco, then on a bit until the rain got too bad, and then when the sun came out this afternoon.

Added later: I found a pic.  We went past Rose Narowboats today and had difficulty opening their little swing bridge.  I had to get help from someone working on a boat there. 

The boat in the picture we saw somewhere last year .  Our "dent" is a Black Prince!

A Basset Hound on a towpath.  I matted the card onto white card and deckle edged it, then matted it onto green card.

Some green gingham ribbon was wrapped around the card front and tied with a knot and the photo was stuck in the middle, towards the top.

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