Saturday, 9 June 2012

Oxford, River Thames

Oh Goodie!  Yellow Boards!

Another early start to get through the locks.  This worked quite well until we got to Abingdon Lock when a "plastic" decided to join us and insisted on telling us how we should do it.

Lots of geese at a lock landing.
 And a sight to gladden the heart on a Saturday morning.  A Regatta.  Could we please wait for 20 minutes for them to set off.  As usual, not much organisation and nowhere to tie the boat up.

David decided to moor before Osney Bridge as there was room (instead of getting off the river and onto the canal).  There was just room, but the current was pretty fierce.

While in Newbury someone asked me to make a card for their son's wedding.  It had to show his motorcycle.

I made a tent card with purple, pearlised paper, cutting a large circle in the front with a die.  I covered a sheet of card with patterned paper for the background and stuck down two doily circles, again from dies.  I printed off the figures, colouring them in and a photo of the bike and added them to the doilies.

Then I added a green leafy swirl (die cut) and some silk flowers tied with a lilac ribbon.  Some lilac pearls were fixed to the other side of the circle and a computer made name ad date added to the bottom right hand corner.

I then checked the brief again which specifically said it was for their son - so not actually a wedding card and this was a bit too OTT.  So it was back to the drawing board....

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