Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Wigan, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Yet another example of BW not giving a S*** about the boater.

To get to the other side of the lock you have to walk up the path (where the 3 people are), turn right to the end of the bridge, then back over the bridge and down a ramp. If there are two boats, the person working the off-side lock (going down) has to walk back to the ramp and up over the bridge. There he/she either crosses the busy road and walks down past the bridge to get on the boat from a grassy bank. Or, walk over the bridge, down the ramp and then under the bridge to get back onto the boat. Thanks a bunch!

Set off in brilliant sunshine and got to the lakes before it began to rain. So we moored up and waited for a break in the clouds.

Unfortunately the break in the clouds lasted only long enough for us to set off!

By the time we got to the junction with the Leeds and Liverpool it was really raining, so against better judgement, we moored up for the night.

A "Jolly Nation" decoupage card. I just stuck him onto a black, white card.

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