Thursday, 17 September 2009

Outside Ellesmere, Llangollen Canal

Hooray!! Internet connection and a telephone signal (if you stand on the roof of the boat).

Only one obstacle to navigation today - a lift bridge and a boat moored overnight on the landing. He wasn't too happy when we came up alongside him at 6.30 this morning while I got back onto the boat.

Ellesmere was heaving with boats. We managed to slot into a space in the arm (as the previous occupant backed out onto the main line).

The new Tesco at the bottom of the arm is hideous and the old wharf is almost derelict. Definitely not much of an improvement. Though David tried to buy some cheese in a local shop and got pushed out of the way, so we went into Tesco and did our shopping.

Then we backed up and tried to get rid of our rubbish but there were already three boats on the moorings, so couldn't get near the facilities. So we went on for a bit and moored up on some piling.

And the boats just kept on coming - most of them going at the speed of light, especially the Welsh Lady hire boats.

We came across Caspar outside Ellesmere.

We also passed Spruce the Stop and Shop boat, Spider Crafts (which seems to be 1 boat and 2 butties + another boat and then another one selling environmentally approved stuff (couldn't see the name as we were manoeuvring in the Ellesmere Arm).

Using my Cuttlebug and a Nestabilities oval and scalloped oval I punched out a pink oval and gold scallop.
Some cotton lace was fixed to the bottom of the card and wrapped around the card and fixed with double sided tape. The doll was fixed to the oval and stuck down to the card and finally, a blue heart is stuck down on the top right hand corner.

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